Stephanie Lisa Gerhart


Like many artists, my work is a means of self-expression, but as a naturally guarded and socially anxious individual, photography is one of the only ways I can truly express myself. Early on, I discovered photography gave me a sense of freedom to get lost in the moment and allow my emotions to come through in my images; emotions I had bottled up, too afraid to show anyone I was feeling. I have found my work is an essential outlet for emotional communication in the form of expressive images highlighting the human form and experience.

I challenge myself to use approaches that incorporate letting go of some aspect of control of the image-taking process itself, thus allowing the swells of creativity to take me where they will and trusting the emotional vulnerability of the process itself to come through in the final image. The photographic approaches I employ, such as double exposures on film or digital long exposures with strobes and constant lights, require an element of trial and error to produce the images entirely in camera. However, post-processing plays an essential role in my creative process. In recent years, I have introduced the use of digital technology to reincorporate control over my final product, perfecting every detail of the image.

As a gymnast in my youth, I have a special appreciation for the lines, shapes, and movements of the human body. This deep-rooted love serves as a great influence in my choice to photograph the human figure. By carefully illuminating the movement and body language of a model in the studio, I utilize light’s incredible ability to change our perception of the world around us to create expressive images. With my photography, I form a bond with the viewer, connecting them with the beauty of our shared experiences through the ubiquity of body language and emotion.

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